Chassandra "Shorty"

Panda, Salvager


Character Sheet

APPEARANCE: Chassandra is a thickset, good-natured panda woman standing five feet, four inches tall, with a thickset build that makes her resemble the Pandaren women in World of Warcraft. She has reddish-brown hair and the black-and-white fur coloration typical of pandas. Nicknamed “Shorty” because of her relatively short stature compared to other ursine Vectors.

HEAD: She’s usually seen wearing a slightly-worn gray ball cap with an embroidered patch across the front reading “KERSE SALVAGING AND RECLAMATION”. Shorty wears her hair in a ponytail threaded through the back of the cap.

TOP: Often wears a brown leather vest over rust-colored T-shirts. Vest pockets commonly hold small tools and devices, as if in preparation to make an on-the-spot repair. T-shirt usually has a breast pocket for additional tools and writing instruments.

BOTTOM: Cargo pants, with belt. Keeps a roll of duct tape in the pocket on her right leg. Her left-leg pocket holds her Toggle Case and a pair of thick work gloves.

FEET: A pair of black steel-toe shoes.


After being raised under ASR and educated through MarsCo, Shorty found a career working with a crew of salvagers-for-hire led by a shrewd lion named Kerse. Though small and operated out of a single frigate, the Kerse Salvaging and Reclamation business was kept running like a well-oiled machine under the old lion, managing to thrive for years on jobs and contracts from clients with ships slated for decommissioning and the sale of individual parts scavenged between jobs. Even in a post-scarcity environment, there are still Vectors that would rather buy a refurbished used part at a discount than pay full price for a new one at a BuySpot. Amazingly, Kerse managed all this without his business ever growing any larger than it already was.

And then one day the crew returned to the ship from shore leave to find Kerse lying face-down on the deck of the cargo hold. The Progenitus responders pronounced him dead from a stroke on the scene.

That’s when things turned complicated.

To start with, Kerse had no will. Even if he did, he never bothered starting a family, and most of his surviving relatives were estranged at best, so there was no one to inherit the company, anyway. The crew had just pooled most of their ledgers into buying fresh tools and ship upgrades for their next job, so they couldn’t afford to buy the company out for themselves. Whatever clients KSR had dropped them like a hot potato the instant word reached them that Kerse was dead, so there weren’t any benefactors to buy the company to keep it float.

So the KSR crew were forced to disband and seek new employment as the corp that sold Kerse the frigate in the first place claimed ownership of it and the business. Whatever assets remained on the ship were either recycled or sold.

Since then, Shorty has tried spots with other businesses working in salvaging or mechanical work. Unfortunately, she quickly found her appearance working against her; nobody could seriously believe that a cute, fluffy panda girl could work as a mechanic.

Besides that, Shorty wanted to experience the kind of adventure and comaraderie that working with Kerse brought her, and none of the places she tried could offer either one. So instead, she turned her attention to adventuring.

Chassandra "Shorty"

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